Monday, April 18, 2011

American History Wax Museum

We just completed our 2nd year in the Unfailing Homeschoolers Wax Museum. The kids choose who they would like to showcase depending on the assignment. This year we were to do someone in American history.

The kids had to write a monologue to recite each time their "start" button was pushed. This brought their character to life. They also had to make a backdrop and an information board.

Alex decided he wanted to be John D. Rockefeller...

Micayla chose to be Elizabeth Dole....

They did a great job! It's always a lot of work but well worth it.

The guests bring their loose change to donate in each person's containers after the "figures" are done speaking.

This year the proceeds were given to Wolfson Children's Hospital NICU. They raised just over $500. YAY!!!!!

We were very proud of all the kids who participated. I always learn so much about people I've never heard of!!!

Wonder who we'll be next year??

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Linda said...

They both did a wonderful job!It was a treat to be there!