Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Uh Oh... Look Out!!!!

Well.... the time has finally come... Joshua received his driving permit today!!! YIKES!!!!

It's been a long time coming but as we all know, the timing is just right!

John has been pushing Joshua this summer to study for his drivers license. I have never been super sure about this so I haven't said too much about it. Driving offers a whole new set of responsibilities as well as distractions so it hasn't been on the top of my priority list to put him behind the wheel of a car, much less my car!! Up until the last 6 months or so, Joshua has not been interested in getting his permit, but it's amazing what can happen when your Dad is breathing down your neck!!

So... today Alex and I took Joshua to take his test to get a permit. The first thing they do, after going over the 100 pieces of information they require you to bring, is give him the vision test. "Please read the 12 characters in row 5 Joshua." Joshua proceeds to read only 8 characters. The man kindly asks him to read the last 4. Joshua reads the 8 characters again. The man says, "you're only reading the first 8." Joshua then says "there are only 8."

UH - OH. I'm standing there wondering what is happening and thinking we're going down fast!

He asks Alex to look into his machine and see if there are 12 characters and Alex said there were. Joshua looks again and can only see 8. I'm standing there thinking... "maybe he's not supposed to drive!!" The man has me look and tell him what I see and I see 12 characters. Hmmmm.....

At this point, Joshua is getting mad, which I'm sure Alex and I are the only one's who can tell. Mad for Joshua is like most of us when we're slightly frustrated.

So, the man gives us a green form to take to our eye doctor and have him verify his prescription and answer a handful of questions about Joshua's eyes and how they will affect him driving. However, he still allowed Joshua to take the written test. So... off Josh went to take the test on their computer. Meanwhile the man tells me that you can be blind in one eye and still drive. Whew... he may make it!

We waited outside for him. When we came back in,about 20 mins later, he was finished and giving me a thumbs up as I walked towards him!!!!

Of course, we left the DMV and drove straight to the eye doc. I was not going to make him wait after that!! So... we waited at the eye doc for him to get to the green form in between patients and we were off... back to the DMV!

So..... now the practice begins!!!

Please pray that God gives us T O N S of patience and safety!!!

Way to go Josh!!! Super proud of you!!!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

UF Visit

Well... we had our doctor visit with UF this week. I haven't posted a lot lately. Trying to enjoy our summer and relax before school starts.

Joshua is doing well. We are switching up some of his meds. We were able to switch one of his meds to only once a day, (from twice a day), and am still working on getting another one moved to once a day, from three times a day. Hopefully this will help with compliance. He really hates taking the meds so anything to help will be great.

He has been more fatigued lately. Not sure if that is from it being summer and just laziness or from something else. He tends to fall asleep just about anywhere and can fall asleep quickly regardless of what is going on in the room. He has been staying up later and such, but still getting to sleep in so I'm not sure. I'm just keeping my eye on it for now along with the doctors.

We don't have to return to the doctor for two months this time so that is always nice to have a break! We will also see his pulmonologist at our next visit as well.

Thank you for all your continued prayers for my boy!!! It's been a year hasn't it!?!?

Enjoy the rest of your summer! I hope you're staying cool!!! Heat index has been 105-115 the last few weeks. I'm done with summer!!!

Blessings to you!!!