Thursday, June 19, 2008

Father's Day!!

Well... we had a great day. Started with church, then we had dinner with friends at a yummy new restaurant here in town, and then we came home and watched a couple good movies.

John is a great daddy to my children. He truly loves them and enjoys watching them grow and change. He is a good example to them on how to be a man and husband as well as a protector and leader.

We made an album for him on Shutterfly, and I would encourage any of you to try it! It was easy and fun to do and is a great, treasured gift!!

We love you John and are so blessed to call you husband and dad!!


Well... we survived three weeks of straight company. I was glad to have everyone here and am thankful they would even want to come to our house to spend their time off work. It is always good to see everyone, especially family from Missouri. I hate that it is so far away to make a day drive of it. Unless you're crazy like my sister, bil, and mom who drove straight thru. Yikes.

It's also good when all the company is gone and the house is silent, for at least that short minute or two. Aaaahhh... but we sure do enjoy the chaos while it's happening!

And thanks Heather for getting the laundry done while you were here! Always a blessing for me! If it would just put itself away, that would be great!

I also most definitely must say a HUGE THANK YOU to my brother-in-law Darrel, who so willingly (No, I did not ask him to) fixed many things around the house that I so wanted done! Thank you Darrel. You're such a blessing to us!! It doesn't help that you know how to fix everything, does it??!!! And Josh loved spending time with you, even if you were working his butt off!

Love you all!