Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Goodbye Mick

It's been a hard 24 hours. Our best furry friend and companion died yesterday. It was a horrible day. Mick was the best dog ever. I know we all say that about our pets but he truly was the best dog for our family. He was passive and obedient. We only used a leash so other people wouldn't freak out. His size was rather impressive and intimidating to those who didn't know him. I think that was one of the many things I really liked about him. He was a protector for our kids. He was a best friend to our kids.

I woke up and at first sight of him I knew something was wrong. He was very round and bloated. Now I know Mick was a large dog, but this was way different than normal. He wouldn't lay down and kept retching and drooling. I could tell he was very uncomfortable.

My sister came over and offered to help get him to the vet. She is always there for the yucky days of my life!! Thank you God for her.

We took him to the vet where they confirmed with xrays that his stomach had flipped. It was also about three times the size it should be.

We had to make the worst decision ever. We had to say goodbye to our beloved pet.

After all the family had gathered, we said our goodbyes. It was absolutely horrible. Much worse than I ever thought it would be.

We stayed with him til he was gone. I just couldn't leave him.

It seems strange to me at times that I could be so attached to a dog. But he wasn't just a dog, he was MY dog. He loved me and could show it. He was such a HUGE part of our family, both in size and in our hearts. I think since we are home all day with him everyday, it makes it even harder to accept the absence.

We miss him terribly. We miss him singing happy birthday with us, chasing the squirrels, bringing presents to us when we walk in the door (whatever he could find on the floor, a pencil, paper, toy, shoe, etc.), going to get the mail with us, allowing the kids to use him as a pillow, sleeping with the kids with his head on a a pillow too, gladly cleaning up the cooking messes on the kitchen floor, waiting patiently for the "leftovers" at the table, listening to all of the kids secrets, and just giving out tons and tons of love and companionship.

We miss him.