Monday, March 31, 2008

The attack of the HUGE soccer ball!

Alex and Micayla LOVED this ball at a community egg hunt. It was lots of fun to watch too. It didn't hurt them if it rolled over them, unless the crowd behind it ran over them too! Too much fun!!! It was Alex's favorite part of the day. Shouldn't have put him in a white shirt! Micayla's favorite was probably was the face painting!! Does she look like a cat? That's what she was going for! Well... that and the cotton candy!


We had a great time on Easter. Went to church and then to a friends house for dinner. Praise God for His son. I can't imagine giving my only son, that is how much He loves us.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Fishing on the Deep Blue Sea

John got to experience his first deep sea fishing trip since we've moved to Florida. He had a great time and really enjoyed his LONG day. He caught several fish but here are a few for your enjoyment.

Hamster Love!!

Well, we've officially lost our minds and had a hamster wedding! Yes, you read that correctly. Micayla's "Hammy" and Morgan's "Fluffy" were married yesterday after church outside on the soccer fields. There was quite the crowd in attendance and most of the adults had that look like "are they seriously doing this?"

Needless to say... when your children ask you a question that requires giving permission, you'd better pay attention a little better just in case they really do whole-heartedly mean what they are asking. So... Mary and I decided we better go ahead with this wedding or they were gonna drive us crazy and the planning was getting out of control on their part! So... enjoy these pics. It was quite the day!

Thanks to those who "attended". It was very special for our beautiful daughter as we are making some great memories!

The attire... the groom... the vows... the kiss... the "grand-daddys".