Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mama and Daughter Get Away!!!!!

The beautiful Hampton Inn on the Harbor at Amelia Island!!! Beautiful!

We walked over to the marina to see the water and boats...

but we also saw this!!!!!

We named this cute little sea otter Amelia. We don't really know the gender but Micayla wanted to name it so it's a she!

We also saw this along with jumping fish! I couldn't get a pic of the fish... they were too fast, most likely running away from whatever wanted to eat them! But I was able to get a picture of this baby jelly fish.

Then we did some shopping in the historic district. It's so pretty and was just perfect for us to wander around. The hotel is right on the corner so we could walk where we went. Amelia Island hosts a shrimp festival every year and these little guys were all over. Micayla loved them so we had to take pics with them!

Then we did this...

We had a great evening... we ate at the Marina Restaurant. It was yummy.

Then we went back to our room and popped popcorn and had M&M's. We spent a couple hours having girl talk. We mainly spoke about different changes she'll experience over the next few years and how to deal with them. It's such a fun time and I just want to prepare her for the next part of growing up!!

The next morning we got ready to go SHOPPING!!

We painted our nails and headed out... gotta have pretty toes!

We saw more of these...

I told her she could choose one thing to buy. So after much shopping and deliberation... she chose this. I love it!

We saw one more of these on our way out of town after having a yummy lunch at Karibou Cafe.

I must say thank you to my Mom for making this trip possible for us. I love that she travels and accumulates lots of hotel points and doesn't mind sharing!!! Thanks MOM!!!! We love you and had a great time!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010