Saturday, August 23, 2008

Fay, Fay has gone AWAY!!! YEA!!!

UPDATE: As soon as I posted that below... it started raining (at least I saw the sun today for a little bit!!) Geesh - what is up with that!? Is she not going away? I need to go check the news.
Well, I can't believe it but the sun is actually out this morning. I hope it stays out today. I need it. You can compare the pic below to yesterday's pic and see the water level difference in about 12 hours. The white pipe is just about gone. Crazy. Many roads are flooded but all the bridges are back open - which makes getting to work much easier for John. They worked 14 hours yesterday and did not get to all the calls that came in. They left this morning already to put in another full day... on Saturday.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Fay, Fay Go Away!!!

Well, she's still here dumping loads of water on us. Just since I got up this morning, the pond behind the house has spread at least 5 feet. In the picture below, the white post on the concrete block had about a foot of concrete under it along with about 3 feet between it and the water. And you can see the tree down there with the root ball up. Not good.

This pic below is the neighbors horseshoe pit underwater. (It's the light patch between the fence and the trees.) Just this morning the water was not even up to it yet. Yikes!

Well, John just called and said there is a tornado watch for our area. Geesh.... Gotta run.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Awaiting Fay

Well, Josh and my nephew Casey started school Monday. After two grueling days of school, (not), they now have two days off due to the potential hurricane Fay. So we are home today, watching it rain in spurts, with occasional wind gusts, hoping we don't lose power or find a tree across our house!

But don't worry Heather, we loaded up on bottled water, canned food, PB&J, and the like. However, I did just realize this morning the first aid kit is not quite up to date. So.... if you'd hurry up and get down here you could help with this preparedness thing!!!!!

You all take care and we'll keep you posted, if possible.

Love ya!

Friday, August 1, 2008

Family Happenings

Okay, so I haven't had a new post lately. It's time, I know.

Our summer has been great, having lots of company. Our latest was Brandon's friends from Missouri flew down and they went to Orlando for the week. What a great way for 18-19 year old boys to spend time together. They are all good kids and they really enjoyed each other. I was worried about him mixing his MO friends and his FL friends but it went great. And there was only one minor fender bender, and it wasn't Brandon so that was good! I thank God for bringing them home safely and for the boys flying home safely!

Joshua has been hard at work on FLVS (virtual school) trying hard to complete a half credit of Geometry. Yuck. Not what I think of as a great passing of time. He is also trying to get his permit. Please pray for him on that one! And for him to continue to strengthen his walk with the Lord.

Alex and Micayla are just enjoying being kids. They have some great friends and are playing, visiting, going to the beach, and just hanging out with the family. They keep asking to take "one more week" off school. I am trying to get to where we school year round but man it's hard!!

Uncle Jerry took the boys to Atlanta to see the Cardinals and the Braves play (GO CARDS!!). They won both games the kids went to and they had a great time! Thank you Uncle Jerry. It was strange for me to have only 1 child at home (Brandon is never home anymore anyway) so it was fun to spend some extra time with just Micayla. Gotta love that girl time!

John and I are great. He taught Sunday school last week and did a most fabulous job. I am so proud of him for getting out of the box and for having the courage to teach his peers, even when he doesn't feel qualified or adequate. He is great!!!!

I'm busy getting ready for my sister and her family, and our grandpa, to move here. I'm getting more and more excited the closer it gets. Pray for us for wisdom and direction to find the perfect house for them, that will accommodate everyone comfortably.

Thanks for reading about us! Enjoy what's left of the summer!!!