Saturday, March 6, 2010

Whew... long day!

Well... today was a rather long day. The block for John wore off around 11pm last night. We were up every two hours either changing his position, taking meds, or putting him on his machine for pain. He eventually ended up in the recliner. He was really hoping he would be able to sleep in our bed but it was too uncomfortable to lay down.

So... the day was spent taking 10 minute naps here and there, cooking, taking meds, hooking him up to his machine and keeping track of the kids. Thank you Grandpa John for being the taxi driver today! It started this morning taking Joshua and Alex to the church for them to go to a competition with several youth groups downtown called Teens Involved. They were both in different drama's and Joshua did puppets as well. They came home very excited since they were chosen to move on to regionals now!! Way to go guys!!

The Abel's took Micayla so she wouldn't be stuck home with the tired, worn out parents. Thanks guys!

Our friends made us dinner tonight. It was something I knew I was going to have to do.... eat FRESH meat, that he killed himself! UGH!

John couldn't wait for Marcus to cook some of his wild hog for him. He made us stroganoff, salad and bread. I will have to admit... it was good! Thank you Marcus and Devon for dinner!!

Did I tell you we have such wonderful friends?! We are very well loved. Thank you all for continuing to check in on John and keeping us in your prayers.

We've been told tomorrow is going to be the worst day. Fun times here in the Gentges' house!


Friday, March 5, 2010

UPDATE on John

Surgery went well!!! Hallelujah!! I'm so thankful he's okay. I woke up at 3:15am with all kinds of crazy thoughts in my head. I was worried and couldn't sleep so needless to say... I need a nap.

The days events went like this...

3:15am... woke up... got a drink, checked the doors/locks, checked on the kids, went to see if Josh was wearing his CPAP... he wasn't (aaarrrggghhh!!!), fed the fish, went back to bed!

4:00am... listening to John breathe, hoping I would hear it again tonight and for a bazillion more nights! Crazy thoughts still. Snuggled up close and thought of everything I had already packed, wondering what I was forgetting.

4:30am... Micayla crawled in our bed... she does this every now and then. I don't usually mind, she's my last baby to do this.

4:45am... The bed was crowded now so I got up and updated the blog. Then shower, got the rest of the family up and off to drop the kids off.

6:00am... Dropped the kids off with wonderful friends, the Myers. Bless their hearts for having our kids all day starting at o'dark thirty. Side note... Happy Birthday Cailey!!

6:18am... Arrived at the surgery center. Gave paperwork to them (already filled out of course), checked in. Sat down to wait.

6:30am... John was called back to get him prepped. Then they called me back. Anesthesiologist explained his part... then I had to leave while they administered the block. I went with the pain management guy, Adam, to get an education on the unit they sent him home with to help stimulate the muscles and help with swelling/pain/etc.

Then I went back to sit with John. He was out of it. I would post the pic I took of him but I don't think he'd appreciate it. It was fun trying to get him to talk to me but he was so out of it, it wasn't as much fun as I was hoping for!! hee hee

Anyway... back to the schedule...

8:30am... Dr. Murphy showed up and off they went... I said "have fun" and "do a good job!"

Then I went to the freezing cold waiting room. Sent out a million texts and then my wonderful friend Julie showed up with a Starbucks Chi Tea Latte and a blanket for me!!!! Did I tell you she is wonderful!!

Around 10:00am they called me back to just go over how it went and letting me know he was out. They gave me two pages of some really cool pictures of everything they did, with before and after shots. It's just amazing what we are capable of doing these days medically. His shoulder was a mess. The labral tear was quite large. They repaired it along with the rotator cuff tear and also shaved off some bone spurs. YUCK!

10:30am... got to go see my honey again. Oh boy, he was really out of it this time. He asked me 100 times what the ice pack was and what the sling was. And to get him some water. Okay... maybe 10 times. Since he has the block he can't keep his right eye open. Of course, being the wonderful wife I am.... I took his picture! Again... he'll kill me if I put it out here but it gives me a great laugh each time I look at it! This is all just payback for all the times I've had surgery in our married life. It always comes full circle doesn't it?? It was much more fun to be on this side of the bed!

Once he was able to get his scruples together, we were discharged and sent on our merry way.

I stopped by the store and picked up some things and came home.

1:00pm... arrived home... gave meds... made lunch... ate. Showed John the pictures and explained what they told me. He was quite tired at this time, we both were so he went to lay down while I put everything away.

2:00pm... went to close the garage door ONLY TO REALIZE... the cat knocked over the hamster cage and spilled the ENTIRE cage on the floor. Of course, the hamster is now missing. So...

I cleaned up the mess. Fixed the cage, refilled it, and set it down hoping he'll return... again.

2:50pm... laid down with my honey hoping to catch some zzzz's.

3:10pm... woke up to John messing with the sling.

3:15pm... got up. Swept the front porch.

Now I am waiting for Josh to get home from school, thank you Rena!!

At 4pm, his respiratory therapist arrives to fit him with a new CPAP mask. Hopefully this one will be more comfortable so he'll wear the darn thing!

Thank you for all your prayers for my family. God is so good! Please pray for a quick smooth, event-free recovery!

And...let's hope that stinkin' hamster is found!

Love ya!!!

Surgery Today

The day has finally arrived!! John's surgery is today. He's been waiting for 6 months to have his shoulder fixed (rotator and labral tear). We're nervous about the recovery and what it's going to take to get it done but at the same time we're thankful he will feel better and not be in pain anymore. He (translate that to WE) hasn't slept well in almost a year due to the pain.

So please be praying for an uncomplicated surgery and a quick recovery!

Thank you...